Enlightening and Empowering Youth: Thriving from Spirit, Connecting with Nature, Creating Sustainable Lives

Welcome to Mālamalama.

A Sustainability Center based on Maui.

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Aloha, I’m Sylvia Cenzano, Founder of Mālamalama Sustainability Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

We have a Vision for a Sustainable World… Starting with the Spirit, creating a model for community living that treasures and fosters the abilities of the Youth to be so creative and empowered that they seem to be Magical…right here at our 9.3 acre farm on Maui, Hawaii.

We are currently in the process of upgrading our facilities and creating educational content to support this Vision.

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Sylvia Cenzano

Sylvia Cenzano

Our Center Facilities

Our 9.3 acres of agricultural jungle land has over 200 fruit trees, where we provide direct hands-on sustainability education to students on how to grow their own food and live sustainably. Our facilities can house 24-27 students, with a community kitchen, dining room, ceremonial fireplace and a large meeting space for educational workshops and classes. We are currently awaiting permitting for the expansion of our facilities and realizing an amazing opportunity for recovery from a flood, a natural disaster that is bringing blessings for the functionality of this school for the students by being able to build back bigger and better.

Sustainability Education

Our online and hands-on sustainability training and immersion into a community lifestyle, based on Hawaiian Aloha Spirit and universal indigenous wisdom, helps students build a healthy future for their communities and the planet. Training includes skills in these 8 major areas:  
Community Resilience, Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Environment, Spirituality, Life Skills and Wellness, Personal Development, Arts and Culture.

Help & Get Involved

We need your support to help further build and grow our Sustainability Center, in particular with funding and also with skills and materials, to get our facilities upgraded and permitted. Any amount that you can give can be used as an income deduction for you on your tax returns through our non-profit status. Please get in touch to see how we can help support one another.

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