Single Moms

Single women with children face difficult challenges in finding housing and employment because they are considered “high risk”. It takes a village, and it is our calling to create that quality of support and share the skills of “village-building” for single mothers. We offer childcare and meal support for mothers involved in our training courses to build the skills they need for success in their communities. We also offer homeschooling for younger children and logistical support for school transportation and other needs.

In addition, we model a sustainable livelihood by having multiple income streams: agriculture, community member rentals, student training fees, grants, and an element of sustainable community as the “village” children benefit from the youth involvement in their upkeep and development.

College-Age Youth

At a time wherein college-age youth are engaged in a deeper inquiry about their world, the viability of societal norms as well their ability to contribute in meaningful, fulfilling and confident ways, we offer life, relational and entrepreneurial skills that support their growth and success.

Through hands-on training and real-life immersion into a New Village lifestyle based on indigenous values, we model support of others in community. And by supporting the recognition of the youths’ unique gifts and passions we encourage and empower them to work or continue a higher education with a greater awareness of the spirit, mind, and body harmony at their foundation. Alas, ‘changing the world’ will be more about Creating a new one. Our Elders Council is always available for wisdom guidance and support.


To start at a younger age learning about respect for the land and sustainability gives our youth a base in their next phase of life to flow with ecological awareness and habits, successful communication, living with others with integrity…united…creating thriving lives for themselves and for their planet. 

Get Involved

Everyone has so much to offer! We need the skills and materials that you have to support us in building out our vision in addition to the funds needed.

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