Student Questionnaires

Malamalama Sustainability Center
Application and Questionnaire

This questionnaire is confidential and your responses will assist us in optimizing your experience here. The questions in the form may be completed in short, concise responses or in longer essay style, your choice.

Questionnaire for Finding Your Passion(s) and Building a Life Around Them

Answer these questions as best you can according to how you think, feel, consider, etc. If answering according to how another person thinks about you, state that in the answer. Sometimes others have useful observations about us. If any of these questions seem redundant to you, answer however seems best to you.

Cuestionarios para Estudiantes en Español

Responde estas preguntas lo mejor que puedas según cómo piensas, sientes, consideras, etc. Si respondes según lo que otra persona piensa de ti, indícalo en la respuesta. A veces otros tienen observaciones útiles sobre nosotros. Si alguna de estas preguntas le parece redundante, responda como mejor le parezca.

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