Housing (Phase 1)

We have amazing opportunity working with FEMA for recovery from a flood in 2021. Structures will be rebuilt bigger and better…gratefully, as has been needed and wished for.

We are working on the permitting process with the County of Maui and State of Hawaii to allow these improvements along with bringing other housing in existing structures on our property up to code in sustainable ways.

We are well underway with this request, i.e. permit applications, architectural drawings, FEMA approvals, and everything needed to come into compliance.

With the overall project now FEMA-approved, grants and other sources of funding are being requested for our required matching 10% to follow through with the construction, and for the upgrades, and the infrastructure required that is our own responsibility to fund.

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Everyone has so much to offer! We need the skills and materials that you have to support us in building out our vision in addition to the funds needed.

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