About Us

Our Mission

To grow our model of sustainable community that has been founded on the values of Unity and Aloha.

Our Vision

That our model for community living and life skill training inspires and empowers positive change throughout the county and state.

The Heart of Our Work

We believe Sustainability Starts with the Spirit. Living in Community, Team Building, Youth Empowerment, Business Administration, Wellness and Nutrition, Honoring the ‘Aina …through training and example, we support the individual’s personal path of talent, passion and creativity by supporting a strong Spirit and building practical skills for thriving in community.


We are honored and blessed to work with a brilliant staff of experienced, caring professionals, each a leader and innovator in their field. Their devotion to the vision of sustainable community and enthusiasm for our amazing human potential is inspiring!

Sylvia Cenzano

Founder, Business and Finance Educator, Youth Empowerment

Jennifer Bonadio

Wisdom Arts

Robin S. Knox

Water Scientist

Bill Greenleaf

Community Development, Youth Empowerment

Lucienne deNaie

Environmental Engineer

Francesca Hunter

Certified Life Transformation Coach, Organizational Consultant

Peta Lynne

Spiritual Elder, Grant Writer, Business Owner

Brigitte Brand

Community Wellness

Kathy McDuff

Spiritual Elder

Robin Burditt

Community Engineer

Joshua Seymour

Graduate, Entrepreneur, Media Marketing Advisor

Melody Kellar

Homeschool Advocate

Forrest Taylor

Graduate, Business Owner

Mary Jane Bennett

Women's Wellness

Patricia Plazola

Board Member, Veteran, Women’s Empowerment

Gerry Ross

Farm Development

Larkin Chollar

Art Education, Business Owner

Bill Perkins

Farm and Center Maintenance

Ryan Marek

Graduate, Business Owner, Youth Empowerment

Samantha Lomeli

Business Technology

Melinda Jara

Technical Research

Greg Gardener

Social Historian

Rich Lucas

Community Law

Art Cover

Sustainability Expert

Get Involved

Everyone has so much to offer! We need the skills and materials that you have to support us in building out our vision in addition to the funds needed.